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Let Us Help You Find The Right Fit For You! Read below how our Career Resources Site can benefit you!!



Our Career Resources Site was made available to enrich the experience for you by providing a one stop online shop of resources, services and products that typically you would have to scour the web to find.  Our intention is to offer you one site that will help you find jobs and opportunities throughout your entire career.  Whether you are recently out of school, transitioning into a new career, underemployed, unemployed or need outplacement services this site is the tool for you.  Tri-State Staffing, Inc.has offered people like yourself these opportunities and this comprehensive site will provide you with 100% of the tools you need to help you find that RIGHT FIT FOR YOU!

Our intention is to offer you ONE SITE that will function as your Lifetime Career Resource.  We will continue to add new tools and resources that will benefit you.  Our Career Resource Site will provide you with amazing tools including:

*FREE Assessment Tools
*Access to over 1,000 job boards on ONE site
*A Resume Builder and Career Advisor
*Information on Educational Opportunities
*FREE Weekly Webinars on "Hot Topics"
*A Resource Library filled with Audios, Videos and Articles
*Access to 100 FREE Resume Cards for Networking

We believe that your career search efforts should provide you with results. We also know that once you find the perfect job you are going to be up against many others who are interested in the same job.

We want to give you a competitive edge so you can land the job. As a Staffing and Recruiting Professional we’ve learned it’s not always the most qualified person who gets the job. It’s the person who knows the following:

1. What to include in a resume and how to present gaps of employment or other problem areas

2. How to effectively schedule interviews

3. How to Audition vs. Interview

4. Proper Follow-up Techniques

Your resume is the first impression you make on a prospective employer.  Often a lack of keywords or proper presentation of your accomplishments prevent you from booking an interview.

We have placed people in jobs they love and want to assist you with your resume, interview and proper negotiating skills so you too can land your dream job.

We can also help you if any of the following scenarios describes you:

1.  You are new to the job market

2. You are returning to work after an absence

3. You want to target a different career path
If you are not sure which career field is right for you we offer two FREE Career Assessment Tools that will help you identify your greatest interests and careers where you can best utilize your skills and experience. We know the people who are the most satisfied with their career naturally advance because they are doing something fulfilling, exciting and something they LOVE doing.
Our online system is designed to offer you 100% of the tools and resources you will need throughout your entire career.

Sign up today and you will begin to enjoy all the benefits this site has to offer.